Is It Organized?

This is a picture of my basement.
Is it organized?

Would you think I am crazy if I said YES?

Would you think I am crazy if I said YES?

What I want to point out is that there is a difference between
an area being clean, straightened, and organized.
The above picture is sort of clean, not straightened, but organized.

So let's define what I am talking about.

clean- this is when the area is free of dirt, dust, mold, stuck on food, smeared toothpaste- you
           get the picture.

straightened- things are picked up and out of the way.

organized- things have a designated place to go. The stuff is manageable and allows the
                   space to be used in the way you want it to. Many factors play into a space being
                   organized but that my friends, is a post for another day.


NOW the space is sort of clean (I didn't vacuum), straightened (things are out of the way), and organized (I went through our toys and we know where they go).